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bee beautiful beauty salon grimsby


Massage, helps to relive many condition's such as:

Fluid retention / Poor circulation / Postural problems / Muscular stress / A sluggish lymphatic system

Full body massage: £28.00

Back & neck massage: £17.00

Salt body polisher:

More than a body scrub, whilst your mind is rebalanced, dull dead skin is polished away, circulation is boosted and smooth, nourished, fragrant skin is revealed. £21.00

Facial for the back:

Using products tailored to your body's need. Be it, oily and congested, dry and dull, dehydrated or sensitive... Whatever you skin's condition, this customized treatment will rebalance and coax your skin back into order. £24.50

Sports Clinic:

Ideal for those clients who need deep tissue release. Also includes stretches that help to release tight muscles and help to remove waste products from the muscles. For those clients who are very active and sporty as it helps to enhance performance.
Please note this massage is more for remedial purposes not relaxation.
30 Minutes: £19.00  /   1 Hour: £32

Thai foot massage:

The massage starts with some deep breathing and then continues with light pressure from the therapist's fingers and hands. All parts of the foot and lower legs are included and the massage involves hands - on stretching , massage, stimulating reflex points and following the thai energy lines. It has elements of Shiatsu, Reflexology, Chinese massage and Yoga incorporated into the massage itself, and is said to stimulate the activity of internal organs and thus be hugely beneficial for optimum internal health. £16.50

Children 14  - 17 years: We can offer treatments to children over 14 years providing a parent / guardian is in the treatment room and a consent form is signed.
Please note: 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of any treatments booked. Failure to notify results in the fee remaining payable.

bee beautiful beauty salon grimsby

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